Tusker Technologies

consumer and SME

Tusker Technologies have partnered with GPLHost Networks Pte Ltd to provide VPS and Internet hosting services for residential customers

Tusker Technologies and GPLHost Networks Pte Ltd have signed a partnership agreement to provide VPS and network services to both consumer and SME customers.   This extends Tusker Technologies reach throughout Asia Pacific, including Sydney, Singapore, Aukland, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur.

Company Services


Tusker Technologies have partnered with Datalex to provide software design and solution for airlines and travel related companies.

small business

Tusker Technologies provide onsite support and services to small businesses throughout Asia Pacific, including GPLHost Networks Pte Ltd (SG), and YourNet (NZ).

GPLHost Partnership | 2011

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Technology through insight


Tusker Technologies is a Information Technology consulting and software solutions firm, with a strong focus on enabling the Internet for everyone.   With our connections through the Asia Pacific region, we aim to deliver highly customized solutions for SME as well as large corporate.